February 13th, 2015


Specific searches

I'm looking for two separate fics:

1) I can only remember one scene from this one: Sam, Steve and Bucky have been out running/jogging in a park, and I think either Sam and Bucky gang up to try to flick water on Steve or Steve and Bucky try to flick it onto Sam from bottles they'd taken with them. Steve intercepts a bottle the others throw and makes as if he's going to pour it over Sam before just dumping it over his own head instead, laughing at their reactions to him now being sopping wet. Basically just the three of them having a mini water fight and being happy.

2) After CAtWS, Bucky disappears, goes to Ireland and essentially settles down there, waiting for Steve to come find him based on something he remembered from during the war/their childhoods. Steve gets there to find Bucky's pretty much made a home for them.
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