February 14th, 2015


Steve/Bucky fic cop and stripper... but not really

Sorry if this is a bit vague, but I read a fairly lengthy story over on AO3 a while back where Steve is a cop trying to solve a series of murders and Bucky is a stripper, I think, who is also being coerced into prostitution (possibly the hold they have over him is a death he believed he had a hand in causing. Though I may be confusing my stories.) Either way, Bucky doesn't leave the club and has to service clients for the boss. I seem to recall that someone was messing with their memories, or maybe just Bucky's.

I think Bucky still had his cyborg arm. At one point Steve threatens someone who Bucky had been forced to go with, telling the man never to come back to the club, or to go near Bucky.

It ends fairly happily, with Steve and Bucky together. Though Bucky is understandably very messed up.

Title, anyone?

Phlint, One Hour

search: Fic (Specific)

Hi! I tried posting on tumblr and trolling through the ao3 myself but i can't find what i'm looking for.

It's a story where Loki has a very young child with him, and he talks about how he usually just uses magic to abort the child but the child is too far along (i believe, i may be sketchy on that) and so they take him to SHIELD where Loki agrees to stay as a consultant, and he thinks they'll take his child but they let him stay.

He picks clothes and things out of magazines, and gets lego and things for the child(ren).

Thor goes after the other children, and smashes the seal on Sleipnir with Mjolnir, and he's still a small child. He goes after the other children and they all live with Loki at his rooms in SHIELD.

Steve/Bucky fic with matchmaking Avengers

I am looking for a fic where the other Avengers (largely lead by Tony) try to set Steve up with a date; however, unbeknownst to them Steve and Bucky already have their own thing going on. In this fic Bucky actually sits in on the planning sessions (Sam tells the other Avengers it is because he promised Steve to look after Bucky and he figured Bucky could use the socialization) but he never tells the Avengers that he and Steve are dating (he does tell Steve though). Everything comes out in the end and I remember reading the story on AO3.