February 22nd, 2015

Loki/Any Male avenger dating prior to the Battle of Newyork

I am looking for fics about any of the male avengers having a relationship with Loki (Slash or friendship) prior to the battle of New York.

I dont know why but after reading a heartbreakingly beautiful Loki/Phil Coulson fic where Loki and he dated for months before the movie battle, I find myself loving the idea of it so much that I need to read more stories about it.

Thank you so much in advance.

Steve Rogers/Modern Media?

So, out of curiosity -- any decent stories about Steve interacting with/being in the media lately? I've read some of the goodies like tin soldiers and United States v. Barnes, but I'm looking for more fics -- not necessarily along the lines of these, but just with like, a presence in the media?

I'm also looking for fics about Steve interacting with the modern world, though if it's a popular fic, there's probably a large chance I've already read it?

In any case, thanks much in advance for any help you might be able to bring!
Crimson Spell morning coffee

Tony Kid fic

I am looking for an au fic in a world where Tony is significantly younger than the rest of the Avengers. An AI (Jarvis, but they don't know that) takes over the world, and when SHIELD sends the rest of the usual Avengers in to rescue kid!Tony Stark from the AI they find Jarvis, who was created by Tony to keep him safe. I remember a scene with Jarvis (in a robot body I think) interacting with the Avengers when Tony comes down the stairs saying he is sick and Jarvis sending one of the Iron Man suits to help him I think. And Bruce goes along to check on him. Basically, tinygenius!Tony and overprotective!Jarvis and the Avengers getting caught up in it. Please help me find this, it's driving me crazy!