March 1st, 2015

Lost thor/jane/loki fic

I read this fantastic fic a few months ago, and I can't find it again.

It was on ao3, but appears to be no longer there, as there are only like 6 fics in the tag and it isn't any of them.

It was long, at least 50k, and resulted in jane, thor, and loki ruling both jotunheim and asgard together, splitting their time between them. It developed jotun culture beautifully, and had this fantastic characterisation of loki and thor's relationship.

I really, really want to re-read it, and google is giving me nothing :(

Please help?

Steve leaves Tony to be with Bucky

A heartbeaking ficlet about Tony crying on Clint´s shoulders after Steve left him for Bucky had me teary-eyed and in need of *more*

Can anyone recommend some stories about Steve leaving Tony for Bucky?

I am quite fine with fics that end up as a relationship of three, but I need Tony to suffer first.

... Okay that makes me sound like a horrible person does it not...

Thank you so much in advance!

give the man his sizzuhs

Loki Sleeps in Thor's Closet Fic

A while back, I read a fic (I think on AO3) where the Avengers find Loki sleeping in Thor's closet in the Tower. I'd really love to reread it, but I can't remember the title or the details of the story! I think Loki is sick or nesting, and the story was sweet/funny. Thor sleeps with Loki in the closet to comfort him... That's all I remember.

I know my description is pretty vague, but any help finding this story would be super appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)