March 2nd, 2015

Frostiron fic

Hello all,
I am looking for a fic (probably on that I read where Loki visits Tony in his tower. Tony is freaked out at first because Loki is supposed to be in jail. It is then revealed that Loki, is in fact, still in jail on Asgard but is projecting his likeness to visit Stark. I remember one scene is them drinking at Tonys bar and Loki playing with the ice, this somehow reveals to Tony that Loki is just a projection.

There meetings continue for awhile, sporadically,and they both bond through talking and getting to know one another. If I am not mistaken, Loki does eventually either get released/escape from prison and Frigga makes a brief appearance at the end?
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Cheated on or dumped Tony

Hello all,

I'm wondering if there are any other fics like Newborn by Ilerre where tony is cheated on or dumped or betrayed and people are surprised or don't beleive that, given his reputation, its not the otherway around. the surprise part doesnt have to be a big part but i am looking fo the betrayed bit.

similarly I'd welcome recs for stories that have the others turn on tony or abandon him like in the above fic or There is a world by everythingispoetry

Any pairings or gen complete fics only please!

Loki is the only one who can defeat enemy because he is insane


Ok this is what I remember:

Odin and Thor go to Loki for help in defeating an enemy that does not follow logic and they cannot seem to form the right tactical plan to defeat it and I think Loki figures out or Odin says it that he plans to put Loki on the throne cause he is going into Odin sleep. At first no one was happy cause Loki just sent Sif and other people to a random place and as he was telling people to swear allegence to him they got word that the group he sent was actually winning though they needed back up, but Loki said he can't do that since no one swore to him. I remember a couple of scenes where Loki threw a knife at a map I believe to choose the next place to send the troops, golden apples on the side of the road, and tentecles coming out of portals.

Hope that helps in the search