March 3rd, 2015

Hua Wuque's son

Clint Barton fic search, sims game

Hi there, am looking for a Clint Barton fic. I THINK it's Clint/Coulson, but cannot be sure.

All I remember is that it's on AO3, and that Clint had been undergoing therapy post coulson's death (I think), and was trying to integrate with the Avengers but it wasn't going well. He doesn't know how to make friends properly. His therapist gave him a Sims game CD as a gift and he started playing it a lot, then he got super cross when he realised that he had to have Friends to make the top of his career. Then he found out that when he moved his friends into his house like they all ahd moved into Stark Tower, they were no longer 'friends', and it had been super ironic? or something.
Pearl Goddess

Steve/Bucky fic - bomb in Bucky's arm

I seem to remember that this was a long story (maybe part of a series?) The only part I recall clearly is that there is an explosive device in Bucky's arm which detonates while Steve and Bucky are trying to live quietly together in a house by the sea.

I think they try to muffle the explosion, but Bucky is badly hurt from it. It's possible Loki and Thor show up to help at some point.

I know it was on AO3. I tried doing a search for Bucky and Loki, but no luck finding it.

Does my vague description ring any bells with any one?

The Frost Giant go to the Throne Room Instead

hey guys,

You guys were supper fast with my last request I descided for another one that seems to escape my grasp:

During the corination the Frost Giants descided instead of going to the weapon vault the went to the throne room where a battl broke out. Through out the fight Loki stayed near Frigga to protact her and ended up wounded severly. When the battle finished and everyone ws cherring the crowed noticed that loki was in Frigga lap and they thought(even Thor) that he was hiding instead of fighting till they noticed he wasnt moving and Frigga was panicing

Thats all I remember best of luck on your search  
Madame Red

De aged fanfic?

Hi guys.

So i'm looking for a specific fanfic that i've read before but now can't find. It was a de-aging fic where the avengers get de aged but Tony doesn't and ends up taking care of them while they are small. Steve, Natasha, and Clint were definitely in it. I'm pretty sure Bruce was de aged as well but i'm not sure about Thor. A major point of the story is that when the avengers finally re age, they all think Tony has done something bad to them since they're all naked (their clothes ripped as they grew). I have looked all over but i'm having trouble finding the fic. Help me please?