March 8th, 2015

Loki trolling Asgard as a Lady

Hey Guys,

I believe this was a one shot but here it goes:

For whatever reason Loki decides to shift into a woman to the shock of Thor not really the parents Odin I believe just pretended that this was normal anx Frigga was like "oh my" and then starts looking for old dresses to let loki have I remember her telling Thor that she always wanted a daughter when he came to ask how is be supposed to react.At a feast Fandral asks for the right to court Loki which everyone plays off but then all the guys aound the table start to toast to Princess Loki which pisses Thor off leading to either Throne sex or table sex

Good luck

Ironman's Identity a Secret?

I've read some good fics where no-one knew Tony Stark was Ironman. Like Beneath the Armor and Secrets of a Successful Marriage and The Problem With Secret Identities and Truth Behind Masks . Any recommendations for more? Whether Tony is an Avenger or a 'villain' doesn't matter. It can be any verse, with pairings or without. Just looking for some really good hidden identity being discovered fics.

Also, I was wondering if someone could tell me how the Avengers found out Ironman's identity in the comics. I know it was originally a secret but I'm not a big comic reader and can't seem to find out how it was discovered. Did he tell them or was he accidentally revealed?

Hurt!Clint Protective!Avengers

Hi all, My first post on here.

I'm looking for clint-centric fics with protective avengers please. Loads of hurt/comfort and angst a bonus. I especially love fics where they are all in a fight and interacting over the comms. I love worried!Tony and worried!Steve in particular but hurt!clint is a must :-)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Searching Fics FrostIron

Hi everyone,

I looking for a two Fic FrostIron one has been deleted,

The first fic -----I remember some of the story  mmm ok!!,
Tony dies, I think for Amora and Loki will save him, but Hela appears to claim the soul, but Loki convinces her otherwise I think I have a relationship Loki and Tony, Loki makes a deal with Hel and Tony gets the half of his soul, after Tony learns that this pregnancy, but the baby survives needs your other half of the soul.
can someone help me with the name of this fic, I've been looking for it like crazy and all, I think this in AO3 but had no luck, please help.,

Second fic is Asgardian Blood by Avengirl

Summary: Tony learns that he is of Asgardian blood, and not just any, his bloodline serves Frigga much like Heimdall serves Odin. Frigga decides that Tony needs someone to teach him how to control his magic and asks Loki (whom she keeps in touch with via magic despite all that has happened) to teach Tony.

I wanted to know if anyone knows of this fic, if the author published elsewhere and this finished if anyone knows anything about this fic I could tell, it is an excellent fic FrostIron and I would like to read it to the end .. Thanks

A thanks and FOUND FIC IS

3:-) htt:// by Elrond

plasma lamp

FOUND - specific fic - hurt Tony, Clint accidentally shoots Tony in the arc reactor

For the life of me, I can't seem to find this fic. I was pretty sure I had it bookmarked, but evidently not. The scene I'm remembering is this: the Avengers are called in because some robots or some sort are attacking the city. Tony isn't in his suit because he had been in a meeting, (or maybe getting coffee, I'm not sure). He's tackled to the ground by Steve when something tries to shoot at him, and ends up hitting his head hard enough to get a concussion - which Steve doesn't notice. Tony manages to get out of the firing zone, only to realize one robot/enemy had followed him into the little alley. An arrow comes out of nowhere - from Clint trying to hit the robot - but misses and hits Tony right in the arc reactor (I think there was some sort of chemical that ended up burning Tony's hand when he tried to take the arrow out).

Does anyone know what story this is?

John/Aeryn - Love

First-Time Steve/Tony fics set during/right after "The Avengers" movie

Hey All,

I am really in the mood for some great Steve/Tony fics that explore Steve and Tony meeting for the first time (i.e the events of the movie) and them falling in love afterwards. This doesn't have to actually include events from the movie, but be set directly after it. I want it to really focus on them really feeling out their relationship, getting to know each other and the love that blossoms from it. I'm looking for first-time fics of any rating (though I do like higher ratings just because those two are seriously hot together), and I like longer fics but will accept any length as long as it's not a drabble ficlet.

Thanks in Advance!!
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Specific Fic- Loki Owes Steve a Debt

Hi! I'm looking for a fic that I read a while ago and can't seem to find anywhere. I think that Loki kidnapped Tony and took him to live in a house on top of a waterfall, but that could be from another story.

What I definitely remember is Loki saying that he owes Steve/Captain America a debt (though I don't remember why) and he somehow finds Bucky, helps put him back together and reunites him with Steve?

Anybody know what this is? I know it was written before CATWS and I think it was set after Avengers and pre-Thor 2. Thanks!