March 10th, 2015

Kid Tony meets Avengers recs request

Hi All,
I'm looking for any AU fics where the Tony is a kid/teenager who meets the Avengers in some way, and gets taken under their wing. I'd especially love it if there's some Bruce bonding with kid/teenager/young Tony bits. Thanks : )

Looking for a specific fic

Hooping someone can help. I am looking for an old fic that I read quite some time ago.
I don't remember much but one part stood out for me alot. the scene is where Steve(I think) finds a drunk Tony and they fight and Tony takes a handgun( I think it was a revolver) out of his bedside drawer and holds it up to his head. I do remember that it wasn't loaded and he told Steve so.
The next part I remember is all the Avengers sitting in the kitchen ,exepct for Bruce, the next morning waiting for Tony to confront him about trying to commit suicide. I also remember Bruce walking in and seeing how tense everyone is wanted to know he should be there or if it would make the Hulk come out.
I am pretty sure that it is set in the movie verse but I can be wrong.


Howard and Tony Stark

Hi I'm looking for and any Howard and Tony stories where even though Howard "died" he is still able to see  Tony's life and Tony's as an the Avenger. And stories where Howard is jealous of Tony or Jealous of the friendships in Tony's life.