March 12th, 2015

Looking for a specific Bucky/Steve/Tony

Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago. The pairing is Bucky/Steve/Tony, I think. I remember this scene in which Steve is about to fall into some kind of abyss, and Bucky is the only thing hanging on to him. Bucky locks up the joints of his metal arm, so that he won't let go by mistake. Meanwhile, Tony is in his suit, going at top speed, trying to reach Bucky and Steve, even though the arc reactor is almost out of energy. Also, I think the fic jumps between different points in time, and each section starts with the word "Then" or "Now." Does anyone recognize this fic?
setting sun


Hello all!
I am looking for a Bucky Fic. I think it might be a specific fic, but I could be a mix of fics. What I remember is that there is a poison in Bucky's arm and he was recovering at the tower and Bruce was taking care of him. The other part is that Bucky is stalking the Avengers in the Tower. Clint and Natasha report that they see him out of the corner of their eyes while they are watching television. Tony asks Jarvis to track Bucky's walk a outs and they always end up back at his room and it looks like he is following Steve. That's all I can remember. :(