March 17th, 2015

Steve's shoulder

Specific Fic Search

Hi all, I'm looking for a specific Steve/Tony fic I read on AO3. I think it's a fairly recent fic and set post-Cap 2. Everyone has moved to the tower, including Sam Wilson. I don't remember if Bucky was there (he may have been or they may have still been searching for him). I do know that it was somewhat slow-build between Steve and Tony. They were fighting all the time, and I remember one specific scene between Steve and Sam where Sam advises Steve to, basically, stop rising to the bait Tony put down and instead react as if Steve actually wanted to try being friends with Tony. Sort of a "you'll catch more flies with honey" approach to being Tony's friend, or at least not fighting with him. This strategy pays off, and Steve and Tony eventually stop fighting so much, gradually become friends, and then realize a mutual attraction.