March 18th, 2015

fic search: steve/bucky, not your usual sex pollen

This fic has been found!

This fic is somewhere on AO3, and it is not tagged "sex pollen".

It involves Steve and Bucky being the only two people in New York not affected by some sort of aerosolized aphrodisiac. Bucky's just back from a mission, and they have to make their way from Brooklyn to Avengers Tower on foot. They don't have sex while the aphrodisiac is in effect, though they both want to, but Talk It Out later.

Other pairings include: Tony/Pepper/Bruce, Natasha/Clint/Maria Hill, and Jane Foster/Thor - Jane's actually the one who figures out the solution, since it wore off her earlier.

At one point, Tony hits on Steve and compares him to a nice car.

Does anyone happen to remember what fic this is?

Looking for a Loki Fic - Human!Loki - FOUND

Hi!  So, I remember reading this fic a couple months ago, but for some reason I can't find it again.  In the fic, as punishment for what happened on Earth, Odin makes Loki human and takes away his memories.  Thor interacts with Loki and tries to reach out to him.  I believe Loki also has some medicial issues.  Unfortunately, at the end of the story Loki is shot in his apartment by a shield agent who recognized him.  I believe this fic was posted on Ao3 and was around 2 chapters.

I'd really appreciate if anyone can find this for me or remembers the title?  Thanks!
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Loki asks Thor to help deal with Doom

Hello, I need some help finding a fic.

I think the Avengers are having a picnic? Maybe it's one of their days off. Anyway, Loki appears, but not to battle. He tells Thor that Doom has been making advances and reminds him that as Loki's older brother, it is Thor's duty to deal with him? I think warn him off and decide whether or not Doom is an appropriate candidate for his baby brother's hand. Or something along those lines.

Thor of course jumps to the chance to be brotherly with Loki and goes immediately to Latveria to possibly tenderize Doom with Mjolnir. Tony stays with Loki and flirting ensues.

Does it ring any bells? Please? I'm fairly certain that it was somewhere on Ao3.

FOUND: How Twilight would have gone if Bella had had an overprotective Asgardian brother by melonbutterfly