March 23rd, 2015


Kink meme fic

Ok. I know this exists because I wrote it. However I can't find it on the pin board or the completed fill, so I'm hoping someone might remember seeing it. I'd really like to polish it off and make it a proper story.

Basically Natasha had a miscarriage. Tony finds out he's pregnant not long after but doesn't tell anybody because he doesn't want to make Natasha feel worse about losing her own child. However there are complications and he believes he is suffering a miscarriage as well. I was going on to write a snippet from the other characters pov.

I'd really like to finish it. But I need to read over what I actually wrote to do that.

I he someone can help.
_r snail

Fic: Darcy joins SHIELD post-Avengers

I'm looking for a specific fanfic(s) where Phil has tried to recruit Darcy, but she puts him off. When the Battle of New York happens, she reconsiders, using the contact info he left her, and discovers he died in battle.

Other scenes include her being included on an Avengers briefing despite being a junior agent/trainee, and going on a training exercise that is a fancy dinner/charity function, and being the only one who doesn't fail the exercise.

Might be part of a larger fic series, but this particular installment is Darcy-centric.


Thor visits Loki in wasteland

Searching for a specific oneshot where Thor finds Loki somewhere grim, and gets invited back to his cave (maybe after a fight?). There they talk and I think sexytimes ensue. The setting felt quite dystopic and the cave was scroll-filled and very Loki. Sorry this isn't very descriptive, I've forgotten a lot of the details, but the fic left a strong impression on me. Any help would be much appreciated!