March 27th, 2015

Looking for a specific fic

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me find this fic. It was a pretty short one, and I'm positive it was on AO3. I believe it was post CA:TWS. As a team building exercise Phil has the Avengers (including Bucky and Sam) write their resumes and share them. The team uses the exercise to prank Phil by giving him ridiculous resumes. I believe Tony pranked him by actually writing a real one when he expected it to be full of b.s. And I think Sam's was a picture of Captain America with a note that he's like this guy but slower? (edit: comment was actually that he's better looking, in his opinion anyway)

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I just can't seem to find it. Thank you.

Edit: I kept looking and finally found the fic. It's Fully Qualified by 27dragons and sara_holmes

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Hello to all! My first language is not english so please excuse me my gram error

I'm searching this fic I read one or two months ago. I'm not sure if it was on or AO3 and if the story was complete or wip.

The Avengers are attending a gala/charity event/whatever and Tony meet a person of his past. This man is making him very uncomfortable and when the two of them go alone out on the balcony the team is worried and follow.

The man here attemp to abuse tony while making him remember how he had abused him years ago in the library of some mansion while recording all with the security cameras (the man is the son/owner of the security group that works at events like this) and he has done this with others and then blackmailed them (I think)

I remeber Clint climbing the wall outside and using an arrow with a mic to listen on the conversation
When the man start beating tony against the wall and trying to undress him, the team finally step in and stop the man.

While tony is recovering, the avengers search the video surveillance videos stored in a secret hd for evidence and then find the video where a young tony is being abused.

Thank you all for you help

Gen-fics with Tony Stark being a competent shooter

Hey, it's me again. Thanks for the help last time, but I would like some more input from you all :-)

So, my request is for Tony being a good shot with guns, because... he'd be able to know how to use a gun, right? (though I'm not saying he has to be competent at shooting PEOPLE - that's different)

I've already been combing through the tags in this community, but well, see... I'd like them to be either gen, Pepper/Tony or if all else fails any pairing that is NOT Tony/Steve or Tony/Loki (Where does that one come from, btw? Not judging, just asking) and I thought it would be easier if I get a bit more specific.

Is there anything like this? I've read one or two already, but rec away, I'll just re-read.
And while I'm already asking difficult things: are there communities for fic-posting that aren't AO3, because I'm already combing through there and I don't wanna miss anything :-)

Thank you all!