March 31st, 2015

Dead Chitauri in an Apartment

A while back I read a FrostIron fic that featured Loki living on Earth. I want to reread it but I can't find it in my browser's history.

Details: Thor brings Loki to Earth. Loki magic was either stripped from him as punishment or he was unable to use it due to the fact that the Chitauri could track him with it. The brothers show up at Tony's location and ask if he can house Loki. Tony either allows Loki to use an apartment he already owned, or Tony specifically purchased an apartment for Loki's uses.

The one scene I remember is Thor and Tony showing up at Loki's apartment and they find it in disarray. They investigate and soon after find the Chitauri corpse. Now they are really worried that Loki's been taken. However, Loki reveals himself, along with Clint (who was visiting Loki), to still be in the apartment. Loki and Clint killed the Chitauris when they invaded the apartment. Afterwards, I think it was decided that Loki shoujld live in Stark Tower.

PS: I am pretty sure the fic was on AO3.

Sick Steve please? I am new to this community so "HI" :)

I am also new to reading in this fandom...but I took a HUGE liking to Captain America so I am in desperate need of reading some angsty hurt sick Steve...I would love to read his internal conflict, how things affect him and he hides them from the the team starts to notice and try to help...I want to cry and wish to hug Steve.

if you have anything with him having a very sick heart, or facing a very hard and dangerous pregnancy ( I do not mind Mpreg). I love it when he is in a relationship with all the avengers but if I had to choose it would be Tony or Bruce...Bucky not so much he is the best friend.

I know its a tall order but I am counting on you so please help me :)