April 5th, 2015

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Torture Bucky fic rec

Hi All!,

I'm pretty new to the fandom and did a search on the rec page here but didn't find anything. I hope this is ok since Bucky isn't an avenger in the CA/WS movie world. I'm actually looking for some WS tortured! current Bucky fanfics..Graphic description doesn't bother me. Kindof like if WS recovered Bucky being kidnapped and was tortured for information/hydra/or sacrificing for teammates while the other avengers watch helplessly or perhaps they recovered recordings of the chair, ect. I usually see fics where the avengers see the tortured aftermath of Bucky, but I want to read fics that the avengers actually see Bucky being tortured instead of just hearing about it.I like gen or stucky. Thanks!


Hi all,

This is a long shot (like woah) but I've just finished reading the absolutely fabulous fic 'A Higher Form of War' by Sabrecmc on AO3 and now I'm craving other fics where Tony is Royalty. Preferably in disguise but, considering the request, I realise I can't be picky about that so anything will do. Don't mind what rating or pairing it is, as long as it fulfills the main request.

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Can only remember a scene but I'm pretty sure this is a Tony/Steve fic

Hey guys,
The only part I can remember is a scene where Steve cooks dinner for everyone in the group, and Tony is late so he has to say prayer. It's a hilarious bit about Fury in the helicarrier. Afterwards someone, I believe that it was Bruce, commented that Tony's prayer was bad taste but that Thor's wanting to add something to Steve's cooking was blasphemy.
Sound familiar?