April 6th, 2015

  • tito72

Tony and Bucky Arm Interaction

hiya! Looking for any fic where Tony builds/rebuilds Bucky's metal arm. There's one in particular I remember but can't find where Bucky's in Shield medical and Tony keeps talking about his love life while Bucky drifts in and out and is sort of delirious. Love steve/Tony but any pairing or gen is cool,too. Please and thank you!!

remembering two post NY battle scenes

Trying to find these two stories in tangle of remembered scenes in newly saved fics. The first takes place right after the Battle of New York. Thor sees that Loki now has blue eyes (like the possessed Hawkeye) when he always had green eyes. He realizes that Loki was just as controlled by the Tesseract as Hawkeye had been.

The second story happen during a different (non-movie) battle. My memory is vague here so I may have the characters mixed up. Ironman is up high, hanging from a building or helicopter...I think now that it was a damaged crane. His teammates are busy with their own battles and can't get to him before the crane breaks and takes him down into the water. Any ideas here. I'm still trying to resurrect older stories into my new laptop and things keep getting misplaced. Thanks for any help.