April 8th, 2015


Looking for good Obadiah Stane fic

I am reading a Rough Trade entry where Tony travels in time/to a different reality and Obie is still a good guy and confides in him about what happened and why he thinks Obie turned on the Starks. It has made me want to read other good!Obie stories, whether due to time travel or otherwise, featuring Tony as a big character. I don't want stories where they just think he is a good guy and find out the truth later but ones where he actually is a good guy and it is someone else who set Tony up or it is before Afghanistan. Time travel is plus but not required. Howard can be a good guy or not, as long as Obie is good. If there are any fics like this. Thanks.

I used a lot of tags to cover everything.

Coulson/Clint: Coulson's family are spies

Another story/series read and lost. It's Coulson/Clint and Hawkeye is meeting his lover's family. It think it a crossover(s) with his Coulson's mother, stepfather and other family members being spies and special agents from other fandoms. I know his mother has a reputation and is feared; even Phil is wary of ticking her off. There may be other such stories out there in addition to the one I read and I'd welcome them too.

Supernatural/Marvel Specific Fic Search

Trying to hunt this fic down has been like throwing myself against a brick wall. My Google-foo and rec searching have turned up nothing but frustration. I'm now ready to ask the professionals...

From what I remember, Dean Winchester was running some type of diner or pit stop in the middle of nowhere. I believe it was in a desert, possibly along a long highway as it was a long way between stops. Dean made pie for the customers and either had to have the fruit shipped in or trade for it. One of the Avengers-I believe it was Captain America on a motorcycle after the events of Avengers-stumbled in. Eventually all the other Avengers stop in as well to see why Captain America continued to come to the diner/check Dean out. It is possible that every chapter was titled the name of a different character.

Dean was in hiding from Castiel and the diner/pit stop was warded against demons and angels. I think there was a showdown and I remember Thor recognizing that Castiel was an angel/different. I think it occurred when Castiel was still under the influence of the Leviathons. I think Castiel also attempted to get to Dean through dreams or suggestions to get him to leave the warded area.

I remember that there was a discussion around tattoos and I think Dean talked Captain America into doing some type of henna or sharpie tattoo seeing as it was hard for the ink to work with Captain Americas enhancements and healing factor. Dean had tattoos/wards on his body/arm.

And with all those details, I still got nothing...so, help me Obi Wan Kenobi? You're my only hope.

Steve / Female OC

I'm looking for some Seteve/FemaleOC works where the girl doesn't work for SHIELD or is involved in the whole superhero thing, like AT ALL. I just want something where Steve falls for a normal kind of girl. It can have smut or not, I don't really mind. If it isn't chessy the better. Also, if it got something more than just romance, like a little friendship or angst, h/c whtvr.

++++ If the girl isn't American
++++++++++++ If the girl is british (Bc, #libertea people, that's a thing)

Really thankful for the help!!!