April 14th, 2015

General Search: Tony tries to dump Steve so Steve can be with Bucky

Looking for any fics like Idiot. Basically where Bucky comes back and Tony leaves Steve so Steve can be with Bucky without Steve knowing. Steve upon why Tony dumped him, does the whole h/c thing and fluff galore. Sorry for explaining it so weirdly, but anything would be good :D. Any ratings/pairings. No genderbeing though please.

Thanks :D

Rec: Teen!Abused!Tony & Adult!Avengers

Looking for any fics where Tony is a teenager and the rest of the avengers are adults. Anything where Tony is abused or just genrally in an angst inducing situation would get u brownie points :D
Examples/Stuff I've already read to prevent suggestions that have been read; Apropos of Nothing, Coming Home Again, The One Left Stranded, Tony Is (Not) An Annoying, Scrawny Brat, Hard Rock Swing, Living In The Future etc.etc.

Basically I've read all of the properly tagged ones on ao3. If anyone has the dedication to use ff.net or doesnt tag search and has seen the trope please rec. Please no kid!fics, like baby or toddler Tony. Time Travel fics are alright if there is a response from the team at the end.

Natasha, Black Widow
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Focus on Tony and Clint and/or Natasha

I am craving fic with a focus on friendship/relationship/interactions between Tony and Clint and/or Natasha. (And/or Coulson.) Primarily I'm seeking MCU 'verse but would read any 'verse. Gen or pairings (I'm open to any for this) okay as long as a key focus is on dynamics with the aforementioned characters.

Some examples I'm thinking of: I recently read the gen fic He hit the heights at breakneck speed. Something like MemoryDragon's No Black or White in the Blue would also be good.

Thank you!