April 15th, 2015


post new york bruce/darcy fic

Hi all, so I'm looking for a specific fic and its driving me nuts.

Im at least 85% sure it was bruce/darcy. Captain A was helping a group of volunteers with repairs to the city and they were all wearing shirts that said things like "Iron Man saved my city" which was the one steve was wearing.

I really hope someone knows what im in about!



I have a new love - podfic! and I'm hoping some diserning readers/writers/listeners or podders(?) will have some suggestions.

-Any lengths is fine, alhugh the longer the better.
- Stony preffered, gen also fine. Threesome/moresome also acceptable, so long as they involve Tony, or better yet, Stony (I have a bit of a thing for Steve/Tony/Thor and Stark Spangled Banner. And CLint/Tony. Also, poly, becasue Avengers.) Actually? Shipping not an issue :)
- Any genre- Angst, fluff, smarm, pron, h/c, humour. Is all good.
- I have trawled AO3 and Jinjurly(?)quie a bit, and while I'm sure I've missed some, suggestions from elsewhere are extra appreciated.

Thanks for any suggestions you can come up with :)


Hope I tagged at least semi-correctly.