April 21st, 2015

Neal Caffrey Red

Loki, banished to Earth, Goes to college?

I've been searching for this specific fic for so long that I'm pretty sure I imagined it, so sorry if the details are a little vauge! It was either a Thorki or Gen!fic, and I belive it was set during or after the first Thor movie. I think Loki was mortal and couldn't use his powers. Darcy and the two became roommates and he even ended up going to the same college as her? I think they shared a crappy car and she got him interested in the music she liked! and I think at one point Loki got a job as a waiter? Any help finding this fic would be GREATLY appreciated!

steve talks about the ice and/or being frozen and how it was suicide

I want any story where Steve has to talk about the ice. either slowly being frozen to death or being awake in the ice. Any story that has this would be awesome.

the second one is kind of contacted to the first one. I want a story where steve has to talk (to any one) about the fact he was committing suicide by crashing the plane and he was fine with it.

Thanks for the help
Hope and Rebirth

LF recs +2 specific fic: Tony slipping between 2 realities, Shelock!Tony meets Loki becomes immortal

1. After events the avengers movie, Tony feels alone and falls in love with Steve. One day he wakes up and everything is different. He's married to (maybe dating) Steve and there were never any superheroes. He freaks but slips back just as he starts to get used to it. He starts slipping back and forth and questioning reality. In the non-powers one he starts seeing a psycologist to try to help him figure it out. I think he almost decides to pick the non-powered world as the real one but I'm prety sure Avenger!Steve begs him to pick him, to pick that world. I don't remember if its open-ended or not.

2. In this one Tony was born Sherlock Holmes. He lived in London and solved cases with John whom he was in love with. One day he met Loki who decides he likes him. Loki might teach Sherlock!Tony magic. When Loki discovers how short mortal lives are he feeds Sherlock!Tony a golden apple. I'm pretty sure Tony didn't know until after his struggle with Moriarty where they both fell as he had calculated they would both die. Loki comes to him and tells him he is immortal now and Sherlock!Tony is upset knwing he'll lose John. Pretty sure Loki tells Sherlock!Tony that John will be reincarnated at some point. I think Sherlock!Tony went and stayed with John until he passed before traveling the world. At some point he is tired of moving around, so de-ages and gets adopted by the Starks. It follows MCU canon until the avengers movie. He meets John!Steve who doesn't remember his past life. If I'm not mixing it up with another fic, Sherlock!Tony feels he owes Loki a debt. I think he realizes Loki has blue eyes instead of green, that Loki was being controlled like Clint and breaks the control. I also think the fact the was born Sherlock was revealed to the other Avengers at some point.

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Also anyone know what happened to the Tales of Suspense site or where else I can find the fics now?