April 23rd, 2015

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specific fic search- Tony forcibly injected with extremis

Hey there,
I was hoping someone could help me find this one fiction.
I don't remember too much but I believe it was a scientist who was working with the Mandarin(?) who injected Tony trying to save him. He was asked to consult to fix what is wrong with it and he knew something was up. Also when he activated he caused a surge of power that destroyed planes, I believe it crashed the ship the team was flying in to rescue him in. And Jarvis patched his conciousness into Steve's phone so he could talk to them?
That ringing anyones memory? Thanks!

Specific scene search

I'm looking for a story that was either on ao3 or tumblr.

Bucky was (I think) staying with Steve and Sam, recovering from being the Winter Soldier. In the scene I remember, Sam had written something down for him, a phone number or address or something, even though Bucky insisted he didn't need it/could remember the details without it and as soon as Sam gave him the note he read it and then stuffed it in his mouth, eating the paper to dispose of the information on it. Sam was telling him don't you dare/that's disgusting but Steve was just amused by it and I think said if it upset his stomach it was his own fault.

Anyone recognise this?

Found it!
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Looking for a fic

Hi, I'm looking for a fic I saw on Ao3 a while back I think Tony was possessed in it or something and he ordered Jarvis to destroy Dummy and U and threatened to wipe Jarvis's personality core.  I remember he and Pepper got around that by scheduling it to be done in a hundred years.  I don't really remember much else about it only him apologising at the end and making it so that Jarvis's personality core couldn't be deleted and fixing up the bots.

Hope someone can help me find it again, if anyone still hangs out here, I couldn't find any recent posts so hoping this comm is still active.  Thanks for any suggestions or recs anyone can offer. x