April 26th, 2015

Natasha/Tony Asexaul

Hi I'm looking for a Natasha/Tony story in the story Natasha see's behind Tony's playboy sex life after he and Pepper  brake up Natasha is Asexual and she thinks Tony might be also be asexaul whileTony is clueless about asexuality.

Bucky Barnes - Social Media

I'm looking for a fic about Bucky post-CATWS where he is tracked and helped by ordinary people - a cup of coffee, library books, medical care, all signs of support by people who care. I believe in this fic (or maybe there are a couple of fics along the same line?) there's a "Bucky-watch" in social media for people who want to help. I've been racking my brains for the title to no avail, but I'm pretty sure it was on the kink meme. Thank you in advance :)

Bucky Barnes AU - he goes home after rescue from the HYDRA factory, arm was replaced

I'm looking for a specific AU fic. Instead of joining the Howling Commandoes, Bucky chooses to go home after the rescue from the HYDRA factory. The next chapter shows that during Zola’s experimentation, his arm was ruined by the serum he tried, and was replaced by the metal arm. Then Zola puts a realistic covering on it, so no one knows. I read it on AO3, and the chapters were kinda short.

Does it ring a bell for anyone?

Steve drugs Tony and has sex with him while he's asleep, somnophilia, poss dub/non-con [FOUND]

Steve regularly comes into Tony's room and does this. He blames Tony for not being more careful with himself. They may or may not have been a couple, and it may or may not have been dub/non-con, but Steve was definitely doing this in secret. Does anyone know this one?

Found thanks to how fantastic you guys all are:

Steve's shoulder

Specific Fic Search: Steve trapped by some kind of bug swarm enemy

Hi all,

I'm looking for a specific fic where Steve is trapped in the hive of some kind of bug-type enemy. They have some kind of spaceship (or at least a ship that floats in the air) and Steve is entombed in a pod within it. It's sort of reminiscent of being trapped in a Wraith ship in Stargate:Atlantis, though this enemy is definitely not the Wraith as it's not an SGA crossover. Tony is the one who rescues him, using a combination of explosives and heat-seeking radar-something. Rhodey is also there, I believe. They have to travel through the ship, which has no light inside it. This fic is probably Steve/Tony slash or pre-slash.



Vampire fics and Avengers-turned-evil fics

Um..hello.. This is my first time posting to this comm so I'm hoping I'm doing this right.

1. Well, I was looking through the tags and I didn't exactly find what I was looking for. I'm looking for fics where one of the Avengers (I don't mind which one), turns their back on the team, or turns evil for whatever reason (kind of like Clint in the first Avengers movie?). I don't mind if its because their being controlled, or even if they do it by choice (extra love if its fics like that!)

2. I am looking for vampire fics. Any and all, particularly those featured in the middle ages. Gen fics or all pairings welcome :)