April 27th, 2015

Fics where the Avengers meet their actors

Pretty much what the title says. I am looking for any and all fics where the characters in the series (particularly the main ones), meet their real life counterparts through whatever bizarre circumstance. There's got to be at least one fic like that right? I am looking mostly for gen fics, but slash is welcome too (all pairings).

Thanks! :)

Steve/Bucky recs

I'm looking for really good pre-serum or WWII Steve/Bucky with buckets of UST. OR AUs with the same. No modern day Winter Solider stories please and, if she turns up, no Peggy bashing (if such a thing even exists). Also, if it's AU, please no Clint/Coulson as a side pairing. That's... really not my jam.

Stuff like Embers, Not Ashes by bewaretheides15 is great, but they don't have to be porn heavy.

Thank you!