April 28th, 2015

  • jo_lee

Trust issues

Hi, my main request is for any stories where someone or everyone breaks Tony's trust, particularly if they don't realise what they've done immediately. I don't have the links to hand but I've read A Life in garden metaphors, Newborn and A spoonful of sugar.

I'm also interested in anything where people realise that, however closely Tony works with the team, he doesn't fully trust them and they try to overcome his issues and prove they're there for him. I've read the Togetherness issues (and other superhero problems) series.

I apologise for the slightly incoherent post but any suggestions would be much appreciated.

*edit* I've added links to the stories I referenced.

Robot Fic and Hurt!Tony recs

I'm looking for a few recs, and one specific fic.

The first one is a fic set after Iron Man 3, where Dummy and U are rescued from the water and a Shield Agent (I think), spends time with them and talks to them until Tony can come get them. At first she thinks it's stupid that she's supposed to guard these broken robots, but eventually figures out that they are more emotional than most robots. Tony thanks her for not leaving them alone.

Secondly, I've been in a bit of a Tony!Whump mood, and I was hoping for recs that dealt with the immediate aftermath of Afghanistan, when Rhodey found him.

Thirdly, are there any good fic dealing with any of the Avengers or any outsider POV of the events of Iron man 3? Especially dealing with the attack on the mansion and Tony being presumed dead?

Tony Stark

I'm looking for any stories where science fan's post a ranking of sexy scientist and Reed Richards is not happy at his low ranking. I'm also looking for stories where Tony Stark has fan's very proactive fan's.

Darcy is the knitting angle?

Hey I love this fic but i somehow lost it :'(
It is about Darcy working at Sheild, the only thing i remember clearly about it is that darcy finds out that a shield outpost some where cold is low on supplies and knits them things. They call her the knitting angle or something like that.
any help is awesome
The fix might be how Darcy took shield by storm or won over everyone or how everyone loves darcy
Darcy Lives with the Avengers by underscore65

Steve/Tony secret identity fics

Ok, ok, ok. So I know there are stories like this but I can't seem to find any. I'm looking au fics based around Steve/Tony where one is unaware of the others secret identity? Like, their dating, but either Steve is unaware that Tony is Iron Man or Tony is unaware that Steve is Captain America?
I don't mind any other pairings either (Bruce/Tony, Tony/Clint, Steve/Bucky...literally anything). Just no het pairings please!

Thanks :)