May 1st, 2015

Secret identity fics

So yes, I did see someone post the same thing just a couple of days ago. But while I know that there are a lot of fics like this based around both of the characters hiding their secret identity, I was wondering if there were any with just one of the characters doing so.
For example....Steve and Tony dating, where Steve is just an ordinary guy, with no superpowers whatsoever, but where Tony is secretly Iron Man, or vice versa (it doesn't have to be Steve/Tony, all pairing are welcome)

I know it's a pretty long shot because I've literally gone through all the tags, but I'm just wondering!

Looking for a Specific Fic (possibly series) with Clint and Tony bonding

Hey all!

I'm trying to find a story(or maybe series) I read that contains the following:

Clint and Coulson go to Malibu to watch Tony because he is depressed and drinking too much. I think they do something to protect Tony from Fury's manipulations.

I believe its the same story/series that also has Tony helping out with Clint because he realizes after Coulson dies (or everyone think hes dead) that Clint is a sub.

Does this or anything like this ring a bell with anyone?


Looking for fic where Tony acted in Sherlock Holmes film

I'm looking for a specific fic. I'm pretty sure the scene I remember was part of a larger story set in the movie-verse.

Tony, Steve, Clint -- and I think the others -- were in the Tower and they watched the Downey version of Sherlock Holmes. Clint & Steve notice how much Holmes resembles Tony and Clint checks the credits only to see Tony Stark credited for Sherlock Holmes. Clint & Natasha are disbelieving, insisting they would have heard if Tony starred in a movie. But Tony refused to do any publicity for the movie, so the movie company played down Tony's involvement. Tony said he auditioned because he was bored, I think. Pepper tried to bribe the director to pick someone else? But they picked Tony. Then Tony makes some remark about how he annoyed Pepper by deducting people after he played the part of Holmes.

I'm almost sure the fic is on AO3, and I think it was Steve/Tony. Can anyone help me identify this fic, please?


Thor/Loki post Avengers movie


I'm looking for a couple of fic recs. I would love a Thor/Loki fic that takes place right after the Avengers movie where they return to Earth because the people of Asgard discovered their relationship and they were banished/humiliated/scorned/etc. It doesn't matter whether they were in a relationship during or before Avengers or if it was a new thing. I just would love to see family!Avengers fic where the Avengers accept their relationship (and eventually Loki) when the people of Asgard would not.