May 2nd, 2015


Looking for Specific Fic, Dark!Tony taking advantage of Steve Rogers.

Hello, I'm looking for a Tony/Steve fic that I read a while back on ao3 but I can't find it now despite trawling the non con/ humiliation tags.

Tony marks his victims with a black tear and Tony has Jarvis to film him taking advantage of Steve where he subsequently uses it as leverage in their relationship. Also, Tony bars Steve from his room and Steve sleeps in a room where there's no toilet and he ends up relieving himself on the bed or some sort. Tony also implants an inner armour in Steve that only responds to his commands and he capitalizes on it to torture Steve and Steve doesn't know how to admit to Natasha about his situation.

Steve is relieved much later when the Avengers find out about it and it's revealed that Bruce also has a black tear that he's ashamed of.

I hope that somebody will be able to help me! Thanks a million bunches beforehand!
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Anti-Pepper fics

I know that many people may not agree with me, but I was frankly appalled by how Pepper treated Tony in Iron Man 3. She responded to PTSD symptoms by attempting to guilt him into behaving better. She acted as though his previous, admittedly quite anti-social, behaviour which she had dealt with as his PA, not his girlfriend, somehow justified treating him like a child who had used up all his trust, and who should always place her above playing with his "toys", which were in fact a huge part of his life, his work, and his safety blanket after living through many traumatic events. It's perfectly reasonable to say that you can't cope being in a relationship with someone who lives a dangerous life, or has PTSD; it's quite another to try and yell or guilt them into changing, especially when they're traumatised.

OK, rant over.

With that in mind, are there any fics out there which don't portray Pepper in a good light, or which more specifically deal with her treatment of Tony in IM3? And if possible, could they either be gen or Stony? Science Bros and FrostIron are great ships, and I get why people ship them, but Stony was established as my OTP well before the movies came out, and I've tried reading the new ships to no avail, they just don't work for me.

So, after that appallingly long preamble, does anyone know any gen or Stony fics which portray Pepper in a bad light, specifically in reference to her actions in IM3, or which at least deal with the fact that she acted badly? Thanks! 
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Loki fics

Looking for some fics that deal with Loki. I've decided to just throw them all into one post so I don't spam the community.


  1. Fics in which Loki is king/leader of anywhere, either as himself or while in disguise, that specifically deal with him doing ... leader things and basically proving he can do a good job as a ruler, general, something along those lines.

  2. Along the same lines, any fics dealing with Loki doing something "good" unexpectedly while he's a villain - like protecting some children or something. Or maybe teaming up with the Avengers to do something. IDK.

  3. Fics that deal with others realizing "Odin" is actually Loki.

  4. Are there any fics in that actually deal with the fact that like half the people in Thor 1 commited treason against King Loki within hours of him being crowned? It's always bugged me how it's just ignored in canon.

Specifically looking for fics that are close-ish to canon. No always-raised-a-Jotun-Loki or stuff like that, please.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Do you guys have any Tony/Bucky (post Winter Soldier) fics that you could rec?  I'm in the middle of one where Bucky takes care of Tony as way to repay killing Howard, but I would like more!

Um, specifically, and maybe a bit off topic, I'm looking for a type of fic where non-person Asset!Winter Soldier has decided that Tony Stark is the best person to give him maintenance and he treats Tony as a handler or superior or something.  I'd like to post this somewhere like avengerskink or something, but it looks like no one has updated that site since January.  (I'm sure there are people who still post and read but it seems to have slowed down considerably)  So if anyone knows any other memes out there that this would go on, that would be great.  (probably not Hydra trash party?)

Alternately any of your favorite non-person Winter Soldier fics.  I got hooked on "This You Protect" and now I want ALL the Asset!Bucky fic.

Fics about obsession

(where on earth are the tags I'm looking for?)
So..I've been wondering how many fics there were out there that dealt with obsession or infatuation. Basically, one character stalking or developing an unhealthy fascination to another and doing everything in their power to keep them? I've read Obsession by CeliaEquus, which is what made me crave more fics like that...perhaps something similar to that? (Summary (for those that haven't read it): Steve becomes obsessed over the idea of making Agent Coulson his Omega, and will do anything necessary - as long as it's covert - to make that happen).
Any and all pairings welcome, but no non-con please! Dub-con is fine :)

Families - Pepper and Coulson

I have two request that are kind of similar

First I was wondering if anyone knew any fics where Peppers Family (or friends, someone who knew her before Tony and her job) comes in to it - where they get to meet Tony and maybe the rest of the Avengers? Maybe showing their reactions of her living with a bunch of superheros or of what they thought of her job? With these I would prefer a Tony/Pepper pairing

Secondly, I was after fics similar to the first idea but concerning Coulson - I dont care if its gen or if there are pairings I just like the idea of his family/ friends discovering that hes actually a shield agent/ interacts with the avengers etc

Also any where Coulson or Pepper are just being BAMF would be great

Thanks :)