May 4th, 2015

Tony-centric PTSD/Panic Attacks or Mental Health Issues

Hello, I'm looking for multiple things:

1. Any fics that focus on Tony struggling or dealing with PTSD and/or panic attacks, specifically during or after the events of Iron Man 3 (IM3). It can be Gen, Pepper/Tony, or Steve/Tony. I'd prefer if the focus remained on the PTSD and not on any romantic relationship. I also enjoy friendship between Tony and any of the Avengers.

2. Any fics that are Tony-centric that focus on any of the following mental health issues: depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, OCD, self-harm, and/or suicidal thoughts.

3. Tony with self-esteem issues

4. Overworked Tony

5. Fics focusing on Tony's relationship with Jarvis or that have Jarvis caring about Tony

6. Really angsty Tony fics in general... It's evident to see what type of mood I'm in xD I prefer for it not to be an alpha/beta/omega AU

I've read Burning Candles by kerravon (I've read all her fics basically), Burnout Phase, all of scifigrl47's fics, Butterflies by everythingispoetry, almost everything by romanoff, and so much more
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Hey all,
I was wondering if there were any complete tony/loki fics where Tony is not happy with the Avengers or doesnt fit in or is ostrszed by the team and finds himself growing closer and closer to loki. not in the going evil way, just finding companionship and comfort in loki. Ive read lots of ones where it is the other way and loki finds solace in being with tony, but I'm in a real tony! whump kind of mood.