May 7th, 2015


There are plenty of fics where Steve learns about the progress of gay rights, etc, & is really supportive & happy about it, but I was wondering about fics that go the other way.

Does anyone know of any fics where Steve learns about how being gay is more accepted, gays are open about it, legal gay marriages, the LGBTQA, yadda, yadda, yadda, and is actually horrified & disgusted?

tony stark

Specific Search: Steve wakes up in the future

I'm looking for a specific fic wherein Steve wakes up in the future. The hospital staff show him newspapers etc where Iron Man has gone supervillain, trying to get the armor's shut down code. It's all a fabrication, and Steve is actually a hologram.

Anyone know where I can find this fic? Thanks!

Howard Start shows up in the present time

I know there's at least one such story 'cause I'm read it. I just can't remember where it is. I'd also like to find any other story where Tony's father shows up during the present (Avengers) time. The one I read shows how little Howard thought of Tony and how much he put Steve ahead of his own son, totally losing any respect Steve had for his mentor. There are lot os stories touching on the conflict between Steve and Tony over how the two men saw Howard and how how he can be so good to one and crappy to the other. I'd like to see how other writers would cover that.