May 8th, 2015

Fic Recs, Bruce and Tony, Time Travel fics

So I'm looking for two types of fic. I'd like to see Bruce-centric fic (Bruce/Tony is great, but gen is awesome too), that deals with the Aftermath of the first Avengers movie, and how weird it must be for Bruce to go from constantly being on the run to being science bros and given a lab and trusted. Like, are there any where he has to take a moment to get used to his new situation, or has trouble believing things are okay? Maybe he has a harder time dealing with the fact that Tony wants to be his friend, because he's not used to good things happening to him?

Also, I love any fic involving time-travel, are there any where the whole team gets sent back to the 40's? or any good time travel recs, really.

Also Also! Any fic dealing with Betty Ross meeting Tony?
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Fic recs: (Jotun) Loki taking Tony as a slave/servant

Based off this wonderful fanart:

I'm just wondering if any of y'all have some recs you can give me? Not that I'll be able to read them at the moment what with exams - and I actually already have "The Old Ways In New Eyes" bookmarked to read in the future - but anyways. I'm looking for fics where Tony serves Loki in one way or another - willingly or not at first. I don't mind if it's ABO-verse or some other verse. But I prefer bottom Tony and it'd be beyond perfect if some of y'all know of any fics where Loki is in his Jotun form. XD

JARVIS turned evil fics?

Really though. So everyone knows that Tony programmed JARVIS to be the ultimate AI. He pretty much designed him to think for himself, can search for information at the blink of an eye and at times it's almost like he has a personality of his own. And a lot of JARVIS centred stories I've read focus on him turning human or helping Tony in ways that make his seem almost real. Good. But I was wondering...what if being JARVIS decided to go rogue? Because let's face it, if he did, the Avengers, and pretty much everyone would be screwed

So that's what I'm looking for today. Any and all fics where for whatever reason JARVIS decides to turn or is turned evil. (Kind of like Ultron?). I just think that would be really interesting to read and I haven't seen any fics like that so far. please?