May 9th, 2015

Deleted fic

I was wandering if anyone had a copy of agarweanloth's fics? Specifically, Broken Wing and Older and Wiser.

I know that they were deleted a while back, but I recall a few .pdf's being in circulation... I was hoping someone might have a copy they could share?

Or if there is somewhere online that the fic can be read still?

Thanks :)
  • oxiate

Looking for a story called greatest creations, it's Tony/Pepper centric

I read this story last year on AO3 but I can't seem to find it now. It was called "Greatest Creations" or something along that line and it takes place after Avengers 1. It's about Tony and Pepper raising their children, their oldest is a girl named Phil after Phil Coulson that acts like Tony and the other is a boy named Jaime or Jimmy or some variation of James that acts like Pepper. I was wondering if anyone has a link or a copy of that story? It's one of the better kidfics I've read in the Avengers fandom.

Established!stucky and Dominant/submissive or alpha/omega fics

1) So I'm pretty sure that there are fics like this but I've had some trouble finding them. I'm looking for fics where Steve was either Bucky's submissive or bonded omega (or vice versa- Steve is Bucky's alpha/dominant?) before/during the war. This causes issues later on when they meet again, when Bucky's the Winter Soldier? Or any stories along those lines please (Dom/sub or alpha/omega)

2) I'm also looking for fics where Bucky and Steve were in a regular pre-established relationship before Steve got frozen. I mean there's got to be at least one right?

Thanks! :)