May 10th, 2015

Steve & Thor friendship fics?

Does anyone know of some excellent stories that focus on Steve and Thor's friendship? I think that the two of them would be great friends and most team fics show that, but I'd like some that where that friendship is the focus of the story. Any length is fine, but no WIPs or anything that turns into a romantic relationship. It's not that I don't like that pairing, but it isn't what I'm looking for.

Looking for any Rhodey and Steve rivalry/jealousy fics

So I just read Copperbadge's See You In Homeroom where Steve and Rhodey meet and can't stand one another because they're jealous of their places in Tony's life. Most fics I've read where they meet have Rhodey hero-worshiping Steve instead. So I was wondering if there were any more fics like this one out there. Could be slash or not, I just want fics where they are jealous or don't get along over Tony.

All-father!Loki and Tony & Clint as Ambassadors

I am once again looking for a fic that I have lost. Except this time, I either read it in private browsing mode or read it using something other than my laptop. Therefore looking through my browser's history is useless.

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The author also had some drawings associated with the fic. The one drawing I remember is one where the author drew out each realms crest and showed where each person was actually sitting in that scene. (I.E. The drawing showed the seating arrangement of those participating in the feast.)

Edit (6/2/2015): I found the fic I was looking for; it's Dance a Little Dance by . The fic is a FrostIron story.

LF Specific Clint and Ceilings Fic [Found]

Heyla, I was reminded of a specific fic the other week when I saw iamaslashaddict's search for Clint and air vents. I went to recommend it but I can't remember anything about it but one scene.

What I remember is Clint is braced up in the ceiling at SHIELD, not actually in the air vent but braced, and he's hanging out above somewhere where there are either trainees or junior agents gossipping. I think it was either the cafeteria, a training session or a lecture. Some of the trainees are talking shit about him, you know, he's not so great, there's no way he's never missed, I can't remember the specifics. Anyway he's been up there for hours, not because he's hiding or anything but because he can, and Coulson comes in to deliver lecture/training/I don't know and he casually asks Clint when he's coming down, cue trainees/agents freaking out about what they were saying.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? It was part of a longer piece and from Clint's POV. I can't remember if it was Gen or Clint/Coulson.

Any help would be appreciated.

Found: Making the Best of It by dentalfloss