May 11th, 2015

Bucky - attends university class about Captain America, is not impressed

I'm looking for a fic that is partially written in the style of Bucky having written an essay about Steve Rogers/Captain America's image in the 20th century, which is then marked up by the professor because bless Bucky, he comes out swinging against academia. I remember the fic also contained an apology letter from to the professor from Steve regarding Bucky's behavior.

Thank you in advance!

Fic recs, Meeting your alternate self

So, I read "No Black or White in the Blue" (, and I kind of adore that trope, where someone meets their alternate universe selves. Are there any more of these, where a character meets themselves from a different comics continuity? (fanfic alternate universes are fine too).

I ADORE Tony, but I'm not just looking for multiple Tony fics, though I obviously won't say no to those. I would be especially happy if there are any fic where the Avengers: EMH selves are involved.

Anything from gen to smutty is awesome, in any pairing.
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thematic Clint recs

Hi there. I'm hoping you fine people can help rec any stories that possibly play on Clint's insecurity about his place on the team, but regardless of that, have either of these elements:

1. Team sans Clint (the others are locked up, kidnapped, pinned down, stuck somewhere, whatever) must rely on him to single-handedly get them out of whatever the situation is.

2. Team (+/- Coulson) are extra protective of Clint.

Love C/C but will take any (or no) pairing. Thanks.