May 13th, 2015


Tony with special powers?


I'm relatively new to LJ, but wondering if anyone can help me out. Looking for a fic I read a while back about how no one else can pilot the Iron Man armor like Tony, because his mind doesn't work like anyone else's. His HUD displays twice as much information as Rhodey keeps displayed with War Machine, and he can absorb and keep track of it all, where anyone else would be baffled. I think I remember either Rhodey or Pepper explaining this to someone else, maybe another member of the Avengers? Anyway, hopefully someone knows where it might be found!
White Collar - Neal

Looking for some Angsty Clint fics (or anything Epic)

Hello! I am just getting my toes wet in the Avengers fandom, and I am really craving some Clint fics. It is so hard to search for fics since he is a part of such a large cast, so I hope you all have some recs!

I like Gen or Slash. Long or Short.

Please no Alpha/Omega or slave fics. The ones I have seen are too PWP, and I am looking for something plotty and in character.

I am mainly looking for angsty fics here, but if you have anything that a Hawkeye fan NEEDS to read, please toss it my way. I have no squicks.

I haven't felt this attached to a character that actually has a fanbase in a long time, and I really miss it.


Steve wields mjolnir

Does anyone have any good fics to recommend where Steve wields mjolnir? I'd prefer ones where it's the first time Steve does that or ones where Steve picks mjolnir up just to move it because Thor's left it in his way. I'd like fics where Steve doesn't realize how huge/important/incredible it is that he can wield mjolnir or fics that have the others' reactions, especially Thor's. Thanks!

P.S. There should be a mjolnir tag.