May 14th, 2015

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looking for a thor movie fick

Sorry to bother everyone. I thought that I hand saved a story about how asgards nobilety and odin finally realize that loki is popular among the people. Odins, incredably reluctant realization, of how he wronged loki is aiden by thrym/tyr. Where the latter points out that loki was ostracized and that only after seeing loki cry did he realize that jotuns aren't monsters = he teaches him how to fight with swords; odin is pissed because that is a fathers job. The last chapter availabe had odin looking out on asgard and seeing green flags. If anyone knows which story i'm refering to, please notify me.

one of the Avengers pushed to the outside

I've been reading different fandoms of fanfic for about a decade now and have run across this scenario in the likes of The Sentinel, Magnificent Seven, Buffy, Criminal Minds, and X-Files. Woke up this morning wondering if anyone had written such stories for The Avengers/Iron Man/Captain America/Hulk. Still working as part of the group, one member is kept/pushed outside of the circle socially or during downtime. Or forgotten once the battle is over and left to make their own way home. When parties or nights out are planned one person is left out, not even thought of to invite. Not so much like, "Oh, Bruce won't come, he doesn't drink," but the odd man out coming to the kitchen for a late night glass of water to find the others just getting in from a party he/she knew nothing about.

I just read most of the series First Impressions and Second Chances by lilsmartass where Steve and Clint, with the backing of Fury and Hill, let Tony know that, outside of the actual battles, he wasn't wanted, wasn't part of the team, even rejecting every gift or weapons upgrade Tony brought them. Harsh story but it left me wondering if there were any more like that, with any of the Avengers family left 'out in the cold'.

And the tags are just guidelines for what I'm looking for, not set in stone.

Update: Reading the stories suggested in a post from January I found "An Acceptable Loss" by RandomSlasher where Coulson wakes up alone in a Pennsylvania hospital about 4 months after the Battle of New York, with no sign of any visitors and no change in his apartment when he finally makes his own way back to NY. He feel totally abandoned and thinks that he was wrong in thinking that any of the team or even Fury were his friends. Turns out to be a paperwork glitch that made everyone think he was dead.

Any story like that one, where someone thinks that he/she is on the outside, even though it was never the case, also covers what I'm looking for here. And check out that story; its a good one.

Thor and Loki are actual Gods

I'm looking for fics that center around or emphasize the fact that Loki and Thor are gods. A lot of fics I've read call them Demi-gods or treat them as super powered, but essentially human. I Want something that really shows the difference between mortals and gods. It can be in a light hearted or serious way.

There was a really long fic on one of the memes about Loki being underage that emphasized this at one point with thor saying how Demi-God was insulting and that they (humans) would never understand how powerful they (gods) are. It also did a good job demonstrating how different they are even with something like the wounds they can heal from. At one point they are injured so severely that a human would have been dead ten times over, but they are able to recover.

So, anything that addresses the fact that Thor and Loki are actual gods.

two specific fic centered on loki

hi i am looking for two specific fics.

In the first. Loki is a single father who lives with her son in New York, I think it is after avengers, which remember much is that in the birthday party of her son, loki kidnaps captain america because his son is a fan. There was also an attack in a park where Loki uses his powers, but this last'm not sure.

The second. Tony meets a boy believed to be Loki, the boy lives in an old building and occasionally cares for the child of the neighbor. Iron man saved the boy when they attack the building (I can not remember if they were Chitauli) ... I know it's not much but that's all I remember.

so, someone knows what I'm talking stories ?? thanks

Cold/drowning Steve + two specific fics

I'm new to LiveJournal and this is my first post, I hope I'm doing this right. :)

I'm looking for two specific fics + some general recs:

1. In the first fic Steve has trouble believing that he's actually woken up in the future and so he's come up with five alternative theories that could explain what he's experiencing (he's hypothermic&hallucinating / he's crazy etc.). At some point - to test one of his theories - he jumps off of a building believing that either Tony or Thor will catch him. There might have been a Steve/Tony pairing, but I'm not sure. FOUND by winterstar95: Weighing His Options by Winterstar

2. In this fic Steve is either bisexual or gay, but is having hard time accepting this. He grew up believing that it was unacceptable and even disgusting. Somehow it comes up that Tony is into men too, and at first Tony thinks Steve is just homophobic but once it comes clear that Steve's actually having more of a coming-to-terms crisis, he's understanding and tries to more or less subtly help Steve to deal by leaving him pamphlets to see and stuff. Steve talked to Bruce at some point and Bruce asked Steve if he had ever considered that there was "nothing to fix", or something along those lines. Steve also called some LGBT help line and gradually learnt to accept himself for who he was. I'd say it was a Stony fic. It might have been a verse other than the movie one. FOUND by dinara_n: Silence Suppression by rufflefeather

3. Any fics that involve Steve almost drowning or being really cold and reminded of his time being frozen? Happy endings prefered, and either gen or Tony/Steve, please, if you happen to know any.

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer!

Den mother Steve and mpreg!steve

1) So I absolutely adore the whole 'den mother' Steve concept, and I'm looking for fics focused on that today. Any fics where Steve fusses over his team members (the Howling Commandos or the Avengers), or fics where he's really protective of them and takes his duty as leader very seriously?

2) Your best mpreg!steve fics. I don't care about the pairing (although I love Stony and Stucky), and I don't mind au fics, but I'm mostly looking for fics in the canon storyline. I'd also prefer fluffy schmoopy recs, but literally anything is fine :)

Thank you! :)