May 16th, 2015

Specific Clint is Loki's son fic FOUND

Read this a long time ago and thought of it today, From what I can remember Clint was one of Loki's kids, either Vali or Narfi*? Ends up with Clint having to kill the other brother. I belive they were fated/cursed to kill each other over and over.

Tried searching for this but no idea what it was called, and the few fics I did find that seemed to involve Loki's children didn't seem to be the one I am looking for.

I do belive it was on AO3 if that helps.
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Seeking recs for fics featuring Pepper, Peggy/Angie, or Darcy Lewis

I have pneumonia and could really use some fic to read while attempting to recover.  I am seeking recs for:

1) Pepper-centric fics.  Tony/Pepper is great, but I'm also happy with most other ships or gen, just so long as the focus is on Pepper's character and her awesomeness.

2) From Agent Carter, your favorite Peggy/Angie or Peggy/Angie/Daniel Sousa stories.  (Mods, could I please get a tag for pairing: peggy/angie?)

3) Any fairly recent fics where Darcy Lewis starts working with the Avengers and/or SHIELD and kicks ass at it.  I've read a lot of older fics of this type, so ideally I'd like recs from the past year or so.  Darcy/pretty much anyone (except Loki) is great, and so is gen.

Thanks in advance!