May 19th, 2015


Looking for aTony Stark as Sherlock Holmes fic

Hi, I know this has been asked several times, but I know I have this fic!! I just can't remember the name or the author!!

If anyone, remembers the name, part of the name or the author please tell me!!

Thank you, be well, Monica

Edit: I'm talking about a fic where Tony Stark is the actor in the Sherlock Holmes movies.

Bruce/Hulk fic search

Okay, so I remember reading this fic awhile ago and I really want to reread it. Hopefully someone can help me find it.

The team were having Shawarma after the invasion (at last I'm pretty sure that's when it takes place) and Bruce was sitting next to Tony when he suddenly Hulks out. I think he accidentally hurts Tony by pushing him or something. And the team is all like WTF? and are blaming Bruce for lack of control before they realize that the reason he Hulked out in the first place was because someone shot him.

I can't remember how it ended and it's bothering me. I tried searching for it but I'm not sure what site it was even on.
I'd appreciate any help in locating this story. Thank you.

(no subject)

I'm looking for a couple of types of fics.

#1. Any good Stony or Tony/Bucky (or even those in a threesome) fics. Any length is fine but the longer the better:) I don't care of it's AU

#2. Someone (My fave couples are Steve/Tony, Bucky/Tony, Clint/Tony and some Bruce/Tony) cheats on, breaks up with, or abandons Tony.

#3. Any Hurt, sick, kidnapped, abused, insecure Tony fics. It can be slash, AU, Gen, I don't care.

Thanks for your help