May 21st, 2015


Avengers, meet the Avengers

I was searching for my favorite Marvel One-shots video (Coulson at the gas station) so I typed in "The Avengers A Funny Thing Happened" and I got a wonderful video of John Steed and Emma Peel, the original TV Avengers. I know it would be a bit of a time slip but I'd love to see a story where one badass spy lady meets up with another badass spy lady. I can see Natasha Romanov getting along splendidly with Mrs. Peel. (I know there's a more modern movie version, I think Uma Thurman play Mrs. Peel, but I grew up wanting to be Emma Peel and that's Diana Rigg, who was also a Bond girl and James Bond's only legal wife.) I'll accept friendship between the Widow and the Englishwoman, or just working a case together, even f/f slash.
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Chef Tony - Found in comments

Looking for a fic I read a while back, but can't seem to find again.

The Avengers keep having these great meals and getting their favorites made, but no one realizes that it's Tony doing the cooking because the caterer couldn't make it (I think?). I don't remember if Tony was actively keeping it a secret from the team or if it was a I-didn't-realize-you-didn't-know things.

Other clues: I think the team might have been in the Avenger's Mansion, not the Tower.
                - I'm pretty certain two of the meals discussed in the fic were one for Steve and one with Russian dishes for Natasa?
                - Steve's the one that figures out/confronts Tony about his cooking?

Anyone know the fic I'm talking about?

FOUND: Who's your Cater?

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I think it was on Ao3, but thay is practically is all that I remember.
So, the fic was written from a third face. It is nowadays. A guy (may be Bucky's grandson), is telling a story about his parents at first, his problems, and all this ends up him hanging with his grandmother, who tells him all about her childhood or her own big family where her father in the early 30s, as far as I remember, after learning that her little brother was in love with Steve, made him out of the house and his family because their father was such a big dick. After returning of the cap back home in '00, she asks him (a grandson) to bring her to Steve for asking him to forgive them for that or some kind. And the grandson agrees. And there was a couple of their other relatives may be too, who also took this road trip with them and there was a happy reunion at the end of the story because by the time Steve found Bucky, they were together in their own house and all that young again.
I will be grateful for any help :))

Steve/Tony reclusive au

I'm looking for a fic I remember reading a while ago. Pretty sure it was on AO3. It was a Steve/Tony fic where the avengers had formed but Iron Man's identity was still unknown, and Tony was extremely reclusive. Steve somehow ended up seeing Tony, who wouldn't take off the suit at all, and wouldn't eat solid foods, if that helps any?

The Avengers meet other New Yorkers

There are lot of stories crossing The Avengers with other superheroes in and around New York City. The X-Men, Spiderman, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four. But now mention of one of my favorite shows growing up. While not really a superhero, Vincent Wells is very special. I was wondering if it was possible if Steve and Bucky knew about Beauty and the Beast's tunnels to Below. What if bullied Steve has been saved from a beating in an ally by Vincent or Mouse. I know, the time period is all wrong, but a bit of a time slip isn't that bad if the story is a good one.
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Post-TWS Bucky, huge troll

Are there any more fics where a mostly-recovered Bucky trolls the shit out of people (Steve, Sam, assorted Avengers, whatever) by doing puppydog eyes and talking about how Hydra never let him do X?

(I already read the one where he tells Steve, Sam, and Natasha that Hydra never let him eat his dessert first.  It gave me a craving.  RTYI's welcome.


Edited to add:  There's a request in the comments for a link the fic I referred to.  I don't remember the author or title, so if anyone knows the one I mean, please help the person out.  Thanks again!