May 22nd, 2015

Gen, Team Fics, Clint-centric.

Hi all,

I'm in desperate need of some Gen team fics that centre around Clint or that he is a big part of please. I love hurt/comfort fics and protective!avengers fics. I'd prefer gen but if the pairing was not a big part of the story I could live with that.

Also would love some RPF with hurt!jeremy renner if there are any out there.

Thanks in advance :-)

Fic Search: Pre-serum Steve/Winter Soldier Bucky

Hey all, I'm really hoping someone can help with this fic as it's driving me crazy not being able to find it...

Ok so the fic I'm looking for is actually part of a Time travel/AU 'verse where Bucky from before the War and Winter Soldier Bucky switch places. The main story actually focuses on Captain America Steve and Bucky's relationship but I keep thinking about the 1st story that is told from Pre-serum Steve's pov as he helps the Winter Soldier and gets totally pissed off that someone has hurt his Bucky. Is this ringing any bells? I think I maybe read it on LJ - can't find it on AO3 at any rate. Any help would be much appreciated!

Bar Fruit

Searching for Darcy Lewis fic - she steals a knife and gives it to Natasha

Okay - so I only remember a single scene from this story. I think Darcy had been kidnapped and was maybe rescuing herself when Natasha shows up. Darcy gives Natasha a knife that she stole (liberated?) and Natasha complains about the balance. Darcy tells her she can't be picky because it's free.

Does anyone recognize this? I would really like to read it again.