May 25th, 2015

D/s AU with dark-ish Steve/Clint

Hi all,

I'm looking for a specific Steve/Clint, possibly also Clint/Other story. It's set in a D/s society with Clint as the team's only unattached submissive. What I remember of the fic was written through Steve's perspective and focused on him being a more "traditional" Dom and being appalled at Clint's abrasiveness and insistence on staying independent. Somehow the two become a couple (I don't THINK it was non-con, but I can't be sure) and Steve spends a lot of time trying to keep Clint in line. There was one specific thing that I remember where Clint was being rowdy in the field after a mission and Steve reached out and grabbed him by the collar and the press grabbed a photo of the moment had a field day with it. It was on the cover of some tabloid/magazine. After some time, Clint becomes way more reserved and people on the team begin to pick up on it and make Steve address the heavy-handed, controlling way he treats his sub. Don't remember the endgame of the story, which is driving me nuts.

I have been scouring AAO3 for this, so I suspect it must be on someone's LJ/DW.


ps, if anyone's interested in this story as well, denna5 on AAO3 has a similar story that's great, Something That is His.
Doctor Who [Donna]

Three searches

I'm looking for some more unusual pairings/relationships. It's fine if they're not the main pairing or relationship, as long as it's a big part of the story. Also: any rating, any length, I love AUs too, etc.

1. Rhodey/Tony slash (also stories about their awesome friendship would be good)

2. Nick & Natasha friendship (preferably not romantic)

3. Any saffic/femslash (except Jane/Darcy)

You are all awesome, this comm rocks, thanks in advance!

Double Agent Winter Soldier

I can remember most of the plot for this fic, and I would've sworn I had it saved, but I just cannot find it anywhere. The story started not long after CA:TFA. Peggy and, I think, Howard find the Winter Soldier. They manage to get through to Bucky, but due to some chip in his brain, a kill switch maybe, they can't fully free him. Because Steve is "dead" by now, Bucky agrees to go back to the Red Room as their double agent. Peggy has a code phrase, something like "come in from the cold", that triggers Bucky's personality. Over the next few years they'd meet up and she'd debrief Bucky on the Winter Soldier's missions. He also developed a friendship with Erik Lehnsherr because he could fix the arm. Later, he's introduced to Peggy's protege Marcus, the future Nick Fury. At one point, the Winter Soldier is on a mission with Black Widow and she accidentally triggers Bucky awakening, but Coulson shows up to debrief him. She uses the phrase again later when she's escaping the Red Room. Then during present day, Loki for some reason removes the chip in his brain, allowing Bucky to stop being the Winter Soldier. He visits Erik to find out what all has happened.

I've been looking for this fic for a while, and no matter what variation of search terms I use, nothing pops up. Hopefully someone here recognizes it because it was such a great story, and I would love to read it again. Thanks!


The Avengers and Buckaroo Banzai

Has anybody written any fic where the Avengers or SHIELD agents meet up with the Hong Kong Cavaliers, or maybe get help on the street from any Blue Blazer Irregulars. I'm a big fan of the movie The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension (check it out, you'll love it) and I'd love to see Tony Stark get together with Buckaroo. They're both handsome geniuses with varied interests.

Poor Loki... :(

Hope someone can feed my newest addiction...

I just finished ConeyCat's amazing Housemates 'verse, where she delves deep into her interpretation of Loki's character, the misunderstandings that caused the events of 'Thor', the failings of Frigga & Odin's A+ parenting, etc etc.  I'd love love LOVE to read more fics in this vein:  where Loki's choices were caused by loneliness and misery, not by an evil streak, where redemption is possible; fics where Thor realizes he truly loves his brother, despite how he has ignored and excluded him in teh past.  Fics where Odin didn't bring home a changeling child simply to use him to further his own kingdom, but rather because he couldn't let a baby die of exposure.  Fics where Loki was the outsider growing up, was abused or neglected, etc etc etc.

Gen, Slash or Het welcome, just no Thor/Loki, unless you feel it is a truly amazing read.  Happy endings (or at least hopeful) preferred, but I don't mind a good hard cry either!

Thank you in advance!

Dark fics and Mafia au's

Hey guys :)

1. I'm looking for dark fics, because I can't seem to find much on Ao3. Any and all pairings, so long as there's no non-con (dub-con is fine). I'm particularly looking for fics where one character is being forced or manipulated into a relationship (or sex) by the other, or abusive relationship, but really, anything is fine. I just really love dark fics, and there is a surprisingly little amount in the Marvel fandom.

2. I'd also really like to read any mafia au's if there are any. Again, any and all pairings welcome.

Thank you! :)