May 28th, 2015

Fics where Thor and the other Asgardians are actually gods

Does anyone know of any fics where Thor is really a god instead of merely a high tech alien from another solar system?

I'm not referring to fics where the Asgardian characters are erroneously referred to as gods when they're just aliens, but ones where they actually are the Æsir of Norse tradition and responsible for the deeds attributed to them by their worshippers and their powers aren't just technology at its finest. Any fics where this is the case, especially if the Avengers and/or world find out that literal gods are walking among them would be fantastic.


Steve and the team doing Oprah, FauxNews, and the like

I've search for and enjoyed the fruits of other peoples searches for Captain America and the Avengers team dealing with all manners of the press.  What I had in mind today was Steve Rogers appearing on Oprah or being interviewed on one of the FAUXNews shows. I can just imagine them thinking he'd be on their side and Steve being appaled by their brand of conservatism.  Any story I haven't seen yet.  (What's the one where a painting of skinny and almost naked Steve in an art gallery where Papper, Tony, and the team are attending a party or fund raiser, the real long story.  I've read that, and saved it to read again.  I just don't feel like looking up the title this second.)

Darcy Lab fics

Hey! So I have been on a Darcy Lewis kick for a while and wanted to find some good fics with her as one of the primary characters, specifically featuring her in the lab. Like where Darcy ends up being a super effective worker for Jane and ends up becoming Tony and Bruce's assistant as well, or that some sort of threat comes to the tower and Darcy protects Jane and the lab from whatever threat, or Darcy in general being smarter than people give her credit for, etc. Fics where Darcy is BAMF or super smart, etc I love, fics where she is tony's kid are not really preferred but if there is one that you think is so so perfect then go ahead and give it to me. Thanks so much!!!!!


JARVIS slash fics???

Ok, so I know it's kind of weird, but I was wondering how many JARVIS slash fics there were? Because I was recently reading this fic J and I by Lady_Nightshade (Summary for those of you who haven't read it: Darcy just found out her Soulmate is an AI... ok, not your average day, she'll admit. But she's actually pretty cool with it. But how do you tell a team of super heroes that the newbie in the tower is matched with the AI they all depend on?), and I found it strangely endearing. So I was wondering how many fics there were revolving around these lines...with JARVIS being romantically involved with any other character. I have of course read a couple of Tony Stark/JARVIS fics, but are there fics with any other pairings?? ^^