May 29th, 2015

Tony Stops Talking

Hey there!
I read a fic a while back that I've been trying to find ever since~ Steve and Tony are arguing and at some point Steve explodes and shouts something like, "Don't you ever shut up?!" Only it cuts deep for Tony for whatever reason and from that point on he refused to speak. Not just to Steve, but he refuses to speak at all (missions aside). Steve enjoys the silence at first, until he realizes he's really goofed this time and eventually becomes so desperate to hear Tony's voice again that he confronts him in the lab about it and apologizes profusely.
Please, I've been looking for this forever! I'd appreciate any feedback! Thank you everyone!
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Humiliation, subdrop, aftercare fics

I'm looking for any good fics with the above.
I've recently read the held series by romanoff. In particular Anchor.
I'd love a fic where Steve is a gentle dom (doesn't have to be dom/sub universe) and/or Tony is needy/humiliated, but any pairing will do really!
Fics from anywhere welcome, thanks a bunch in advance :)

Tony betrayed for his own good

Just read parts of a story called Forgive Us Our Trespasses where Tony is taken to an isolated room or apartment and locked away for weeks while his team hunts downa telepath who was targeting Tony.  The problem is that Tony doesn't wasn't told of the threat, was given no explanation for why he was locked up with no contact from anyone, and had nothing to do or to tinker with to occupy his always active mine.  The story's timeline jumped around so it was kind of hard for me to read.  But I'd love to find any other stories with a similiar theme.  Tony Stark (or any of the other team members) feeling betrayed by the rest of the team doing something that they thought was best, for his own good, but totally losing his trust.  Enough where he shys away from the team, pulls all his projects out of SHIELD, and maybe dissappears for awhile, or kicks them out of the tower.  There's a total schism in the team that may or may not heal with time.