May 30th, 2015


JARVIS acts on his own

Sometimes when you're reading a story a thought or suggestion makes you think 'what if...' and the idea occured to me 'what if JARVIS decided to act on his own to get revenge on someone who hurt Tony (or, hell, even Pepper).  I guess this is a stap past my previous post of the team or team member doing something 'against' Tony, something for his own good but losing his trust.  Even if Tony went away and tried to put the event/act behind him, or if he was unconscious, what if JARVIS decided to act ion his own n getting back at them. 

Story Search

Hello, I'm looking for an Avenger fanfiction that I read a long time ago. It was all the avengers moving in with each other and finding out Tony is more or less naked all the time in his tower and eventually the others join in. If someone could help find it, it would be greatly appreciated

Steve/OFC or Steve/OMC fics

So I kind of feel embarrassed asking for this, but I'm wondering if there are any good Steve/OFC or Steve/OMC stories? Because Steve is such a gentleman and I think that he would make a wonderful boyfriend should he actually choose to date someone. And while I've read a lot of fics focused on him being paired with other avengers, I've yet to read a good fic with him with an original character, which doesn't involve non-con, or have avenger!slash as the outcome.
The only thing I ask is that the characters be well written and not be Mary sue's or Marty-stu's and no non-con.
*crossing my fingers and hoping* 😅

LF Different Ways Steve Finds Bucky


I was wondering if there are any stories where Steve finds Bucky as the Winter Soldier in different wyas than in the movie. Like the movie takes place the same way but the Winter Soldier was not part of it but while Steve is off destroying Hydra bases finds Bucky at one of them (either awake or in cryo-sleep). Or maybe Steve finds Bucky before the second Captain America movie, maybe during The Avengers movie.

Slash and self-reqs welcome. :)

Thanks so much for any reqs.