May 31st, 2015

long gen Thor fics

Hi, I'm new to this fandom (and it's been awhile since I've used Lj so forgive me if I do something wrong) so not sure where is best to look, but I'm after some long gen Thor fics that centre on Thor and Jane. Doesn't have to be romance, I just noticed that a lot of fics I've found while searching focus a lot on Loki :) thanks for any help you can offer

Three specific Darcy fics

Hi,I'm looking for three differnt Darcy-centric fics, I'm pretty sure they are on AO3.

1) This was part of a series about Darcy and the team all living in the tower, and Darcy had made Jane and Bruce and Thor "Team Science" jackets, and Tony was pretending not to be jealous, and she and Bruce pulled out a box with one for him?

2) Darcy is going to be Midgard's ambassador to Asgard, so a group of people (Pepper and Thor and Coulson?) work with her and a stylist to buy her a wardrobe fitting the position. This one was also part of a series, but I think not all parts were about Darcy?

3) Thor comes back from Asgard and he has picked up the idea of souvenirs, so he brings things back for Jane, Selvig and Darcy. I think Jane got the floating ball from The Dark World? And his gift for Darcy was Loki's old Asgardian version of an MP3 player, which had all of his music plus video recordings of Loki studying/blogging?

Thanks for any help!

Bruce can't control the Hulk

I'm looking for a specific fic but also recs of similarly themed fics.

The specific fic was a Bruce/Tony fic, they were dating and at one point Bruce loses control and one time he ends up raping Tony, after which Tony forgives him but won't bottom anymore, and then later he throws Tony through a wall and it ends with Bruce packing his bags and leaving, and Tony watching him do this but not stopping him. Sorry if this is super vague.

Also if anyone has any recs with Bruce struggling to control the hulk, preferably Bruce/Tony but also Bruce/Nat or Bruce/Clint. Happy endings preferred

Hope someone can help