June 3rd, 2015

Bucky goes back to school

I am looking for a fic where post-Winter Soldier Bucky goes back to college and is dating Steve. I think he might have been studying some sort of science and none of his school friends knew who he was. I remember a specific scene where Steve comes to pick Bucky up and a girl in Bucky's class is talking about how lucky Bucky is because she thinks Steve's really cute.

Stony, Bucky hates Tony, tries to take advantage of him

Okay, this story I know for SURE is on avengerkink but I can't find the exact thread.

The Avengers are returning from battle, and Tony has a broken arm/leg (can't remember which). The Avengers get called back out, but obviously Tony can't go back out. Bucky is there, and he is not very fond of Tony. However, he offers to look after an injured Tony while the others go back out. While the Avengers are out, Bucky starts attacking Tony, and I remember at one point Bucky has Tony on the floor and is planning on violating him. Right before he does so, he gets pinned to the wall by a pissed off Steve and all the other Avengers form a protective wall around Tony. I can remember Steve punching Bucky, and the story was established Stony.

Can anyone find this?