June 8th, 2015


2 gen search: Multilingual Tony / Official Avenger Coulson


I just read Talk Dirty To Me, and I would like any other fics were Tony speaks several languages, or well, at least more than just plain English.

Also, I am looking for fics were Phil Coulson is an Avenger de facto because he is superpowered or has some incredible skill (cf. Hawkeye or IronMan) or any other good reason.

Any theme, rating, pairing, ... As long as it's well written and has correct Trigger Warnings, I'm game, so thank you for your help!

Tony's not the cheater

After reading a couple of stories with a similar storyline I'd like to find any where Tony and (insert Avenger name here) are together and the others are 'protective' of the other person.  Nobody, not even Pepper, bothers to look past Tony's reputation as a raging playboy so they're all just waiting for him to start cheating on his new lover (usually Steve but I'll accept anybody on the extended team).  When the other person's attitude changes, everyone assumes it's because Tony's been cheating (or any other reaston to assume) but it's the other way around and Tony knows telling the truth won't do him any good.  So he's silent while his heart breaks and the others turn on him and support the silent cheater.  That could be either emotionally or physically.  I've already read two such stories which either got lost in the shuffle of new fic or a WIP that I marked but didn't download.  The first starts out with Natasha punching Tony and breaking his cheek.  Tony later falls in love with another guy who dies of cancer.  The second one has Tony coming home early to find Steve having sex with a woman on the couch.  Steve's a jerk in this one, hating the fact that he's in love with a man and not liking the woman he's staying with only because he knocked her up.  (Both of those stories I found searching this site, so they can be found with a bit of work...okay, the first one is "Newborn" at fanfiction.net)  Thanks, all.

Jane thought Thor was into her, but he is married to Loki

Jane thought Thor was into her and tried kissing him, until Thor pushed her away and informed her/the avengers that he is married to an individual named Loki. Thor would provide detail of Loki and everyone (I remember at least Steve) would imagine something crazy (ie Thor told them Loki was blue, scars, and horns, Steve draw Loki as a demon). Then Loki comes down and everyone is smitten by him. Possible mpreg.