June 9th, 2015

Peter/Clint Platonic Fics

Looking for fic recs that have Peter parker and Clint as the main character interaction. Please no slash between them. Peter at any age is okay.
I'm also looking for a specific fic where Peter is the son of Steve/Tony and some people break into the tower and all of the Avengers had promised to take Peter to safety if anything like that happened. Clint happens to be the one who has Peter and he takes off into New York with kid!peter while Peter is still in Pj's.
Any help and all recs are very much appreciated!

Charity Auction Steve/Tony Fic

I can't remember if it was one chapter or just a one shot but it involved Steve not realizing that he was signed up for a person auction. The hostess was nasty and Pepper is going to ruin her.  Tony ends up bidding. Hostess gets offended and says its only for woman but Steve says anyone should be able to bid.  Reporters are all over them after the auction. Natasha was supposed to bid first. 

Loki/any dub-con fics

1) Hey guys, I'm looking for good Loki/any fics that deal with dub-con (no non-con) and/or are dark fics (possessive!loki?). I especially love Clint/Loki and Tony/Loki, but I can't seem to find any good dub-con fics. Can someone please help me?

2) I'm also looking for some good soulmate au's featuring Loki, because most of the ones I've read a WIP, and nothing frustrates me as much, especially if it's beautifully written. So please?