June 10th, 2015

Loki is a teenager

So, I've been wanting to reread the fic where after the whole mess, Bruce does xrays and they figure out Loki is actually, as in physically, still a teenager and that whole thing with the horse happened when he was *nine* so they keep him. Also, this made me think of Fury giving him a pile of magazines about being transgendered and also, the one where in Germany they get him on the plane and Steve figures out Loki is just freaked and exhausted and talks him into to trusting them. Also, where Loki is on the carrier with his kids (and maybe pregnant?) and he's reading them Harry Potter. All of these could be from the same fic but I can't find any of them... possibly because I just got off five 12hr overnight shifts in a row and I'm so tired I can't sleep which you don't need to know and bleah.

Any and all help will be appreciated including links to fic not of the above but you think I might like based on the above. Thank you and good night. Bleah.

Tean help clean up after Battle of New York

I'd love to find any stories were the Avengers assist in the rebuilding, housing, medical care, etc. of the people displaced in the battle against Loki and the Chitauri.  (I found and saved one where Betty sees Hulk on TV, realizes Bruce is in NY, and goes to find him.  She joins a crew of doctors and gets housed at the tower, not knowing Bruce is there until they run into each other.)  Anything like that, or more focused on the Avengers themselves; Tony, Steve, and Thor helping to lift girders and concrete, Tony giving over part of Stark Tower for housing/medical, the others doing carpentry and medical assistance, etc.

Not sure how to tag this one...