June 11th, 2015

Sleep Engineering Tony

Hi guys!

I hope you can help with a request, i'm looking for:

1) a specific fic: (not sure if this is part of a larger fic, or if it was a one-shot) but basically Tony invented something while sleeping, and when he woke up he didn't realize what it was, Steve walks in on him looking at it, and is horrified that Tony wants to fiddle with it without knowing what it can do.

I went through the Sleepy Tony tags, and couldn't find a similar request

2) Any fics that feature Tony building things while sleeping or not fully functional/aware

Thanks!! :D

Avenger going insane

This plot idea has been on my mind for almost a week now and I don't know where it came from; I don't recall ever reading an Avenger story like it.  Here goes:  An Avenger (your choice) is slowly slipping into madness.  It could be hearing voices.  Or spells of catatonia.  Or falling into an uncontrollable rage and lashing out.  (No Bruce for this one; the behaviour can't be nornal for them.)  Maybe swift mood changes; going from rage to giddy to weepy.  Or they're showing alzheimer's symptoms where they don't recognize their teammates or surroundings for several minutes.

How does it take for the person and the team ro recognize somethings wrong.  How does the person cope.  How does the team cope.  How about public backlash when they're affected in public during a mission or public appearance.  I think a lot of interesting thing can be done with this idea.  How 'bout it, hun?
Crazy Penguins

Naked Steve? **FOUND**

I believe it does end up being Tony/Steve by the end (if it wasn't already to start with).  There's this group of bad guys that everytime they fight them they find a way to get Steve naked - so much so that Tony starts carrying extra clothes for Steve.  I think the team even tries to get the bad guys more interested in Thor (which I think works?) but I'm not totally sure.  Does this sound familiar at all?  Sorry it's so light on details.

Geeze this is embarrasing. I found it, I totally didn't think it was part of this story but it's a scene from Mr. July  http://archiveofourown.org/works/268811 by jibrailis.  Excellent read, I definitely recommend it!

Looking for a fic

So I'm looking for a specific fic from Steve's pov and theres like multiple universes and in the main one Bucky is recovered from being the Winter Soldier and he and Natasha are together and then a Bucky from another universe appears and he is form a universe where Steve died. Andhe doesn't want to go back to his universe and Steve and Bucky get together.