June 16th, 2015

Clintasha/Laura Barton polyamory

Like many Clintasha shippers, I was a tad miffed to discover in A:AoU that Clint had a secret family. Nothing personal, Laura, you must understand, you seem perfectly nice and the MCU needs every decent female character it can get, but why you gotta sink my ship? I had a bit of a Clintasha crisis for a while... and then I remembered the fandom solution to love triangles. I mean, Natasha and Laura seem close, right? And my life could use more saffic anyway.

So what've we got, friends?
  • sscg01

Finding Hawkeye; turns out the great marksmen is a sub

Basically, the elusive hawkeye is captured by shield and they are shocked that he is a sub. SHield figures out that Clint was forced into subspace to make him do their dirty work. Phil comforts him and brings him back up/provides aftercare.
+I remember something about another agent being an a**hole
+Phil unbounds CLint's hand (really sketch whether this is a real detail or something I made up
+Phil wraps him in a blanket

I am think of a specific fic, but all related recommendations would be appreciated.