June 17th, 2015

fic rec search: Steve/Bucky, David/Jonathan over-identifying

I have no idea if a fic like this exists, though I hope it does.

It occurs to me that as kids, if they were receiving any kind of religious education of any degree of thoroughness, that Steve and Bucky would've been familiar with the story of David and Goliath - and probably some of the other parts of David's story.

Basically, I'm hoping for a fic where Steve and Bucky over-identify, or over-identified, with David and Jonathan - and I don't mean platonically.

I know there's a passing reference to them doing this in "Barnes & the Brooklyn Irish", but it doesn't really go into detail about it, which is really what I'm looking for.

(Also, relatedly, if anyone knows of a fic where someone gets Steve to watch "Kings" and he breaks down about how the actor playing Jack Benjamin looks so eerily like young Bucky I think I might die.)

Thank you!

Clint/Coulson, dating before Coulson's death?

Hi all
I'm looking for Clint/Coulson fics where they were dating before Coulson was 'killed', and Clint's reaction to his 'death'? I'm especially preferably looking for fics where Clint starts dating someone else...but then Coulson turns up to be alive, and either lies to Clint about being alive, or comes back wanting to get back to where they left off, and this complicates things?